wall drawings / dimension variables / Tile Project Space, Milano (IT)

Dear H.,

today I went to see the space for the first time. It’s in a basement and the walls are covered with white glossy tiles. One of the curators told me that it used to be a small baby powder factory and the tiles prevented the powder to get absorbed by the walls. Or something like that.

I imagined those cold slippery tiles covered by a thin layer of that smelly white dust. I imagined a hand passing on those tiles, cleaning the powder away. Dusty fingertips. A small powder cloud revealed by the light that enters the room in the afternoon hours.

I believe spaces speak a language I pretend to know, and walls do too.

To me, those surfaces look like pages to be filled and erased. So I’ve decided to select a series of drawings from my sketchbooks and combine them together directly on the walls. Unrelated traces, scenes, and intentions will be mixed, sharing time and space.
I will draw using black, blue and red washable markers. After the opening, the drawings will disappear and no traces will be left.