installation with daily performance, CareOf, Milan

Green Room is a term deriving from English and American theatre to indicate a room where the actors wait before going on stage. For the entire duration of the show, Careof’s exhibition space presents itself as an active site of production rather than a display area where a predetermined array of works offers itself to the audience’s gaze. The artist reflects on the moment that precedes the exhibition: the backstage is on-stage. Newly produced sculptures, drawings and costumes relate to previously exhibited works here shown in a new configuration. The works are treated as an ensemble of performers, being displaced by a performer who is constantly redrawing the installation and thus the relationships among these and the exhibition space.
Also Defining Epoch takes place in the same context: a performance set by Diego Donna who accepted the invitation to occupy a section of the exhibition space and treat it as his own work area. The guest is left intent on taking a stab at a soliloquy, based on a text dealing with the concept of “epoché”. The final result, besides the consultation copy on display, has been read during the presentation of Club Epoc-.

Another one bites the dust (2011), carved pine wood and iron balls, variable dimensions

performance still from Green Room at CareOf, Milan, 2011